Dorsey’s Testimony of Overcoming Life’s Obstacles

Dorsey was born on January 16th, 1977, with a congenital disability known as Apert’s Syndrome. When Dorsey was born, his forehead was pushed outward, his nose and mouth were pushed inward, and his fingers and toes were fused, meaning he had no individual movement of them. Doctor’s gave Dorsey’s parents no hope for his survival and advised them to put him into an institution.  His parents both knew and trusted in God, and they believed that God would do great things in Dorsey’s life. Throughout his life, Dorsey has had to overcome a lot of obstacles, and trials, being bullied, called names like monster and freak, and undergone multiple operations.

Teachers told Dorsey he would not make it in college, and with all odds against him, he entered Queens Borough Community College. After four years there, and after attaining an associate degree, he entered the University of Valley Forge. After years of hard work and perseverance, he graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Youth Ministry.  His life saying is, “can’t is not in my vocabulary” because, for most of his life, he has never used the word can’t. He believes that with God, all things are possible and that he can do all things through Christ who gives him strength. It’s with God’s help he is overcoming life’s obstacles.


Dorsey started Dorsey Ross Ministries in the summer of 2007, after giving his testimony at Bellerose Assembly of God. Since that time, Dorsey has traveled all over the country. Dorsey enjoys giving an encouraging message of what God has done in his life. Dorsey wants to use overcoming life’s obstacles of what he has been through to encourage and inspire others.  Dorsey wants others to know that God can use them, no matter what life challenges they are facing. He wants those that hear his testimony to walk out the doors of the church to be empowered, inspired, and encouraged, knowing that if God can use Dorsey, He can use anyone.

Dorsey gives an open and honest testimony that he has lived and continues to live his entire life.

Dorsey has spoken at, and is available to speak at: 

  • – Church Services
  • – Youth Rallies
  • – Revival Services
  • – Camps
  • – Conventions
  • – Retreats

Dorsey Ross often preaches and entire message at churches, but there are several other options as well. Some churches have him attend during their “movie night” series. Consider playing the Movie Wonder and interviewing Dorsey.

Dorsey is willing to share an entire message, do a live interview, or share a short part of his testimony. He is here to serve your church any way he can. Book him today and hear how he’s overcoming life’s obstacles!

*Dorsey is also available for Zoom or Skype sessions as well.


“Dorsey has a severe birth defect attributed to Aperts Syndrome and wants to use “God’s gift” as an opportunity to minister. I know his heart is for ministry and youth. Through Dorsey’s testimony, many have come to realize that regardless of disability or challenge, God can use anyone”.  

Dr. Duane Durst, District Superintendent New York District Assembly of God

“I would encourage any pastor or organization to invite Dorsey Ross to speak to their people. He is a true testimony and inspiration and will bring the message of how there is nothing impossible with God”.

Rev. Dominick Cotignola, Senior Pastor – Bellerose Assembly of God – Bellerose, NY

“Everyone faces challenges! There is a voice of hope that will encourage and strengthen you to move  forward.  That voice is Dorsey Ross.  Having overcome the challenge of 68 operations, the low expectations of teachers and the ridicule of classmates, Dorsey is a living miracle pointing the way to faith.  I have known Dorsey for 37 years.  He is authentic.  He is an overcomer!”

Rev. John P. Blondo, Senior Pastor – Bethlehem Assembly of God – Richmond Hill NY

“What a privilege to recommend the ministry of my friend, Evangelist Dorsey Ross to you.  Through his powerful testimony and his commitment to communicating God’s Word, the Lord is using Dorsey to impact both the unsaved and the believer.  I believe every church that opens their doors for Dorsey’s ministry will experience lasting fruit”

Rev. Greg Hubbard, Staff Evangelist Glad Tidings Assembly of God – Reading PA

“Dorsey Spoke at Monmouth Worship Center in March 2015. His message of God’s power perfected in weakness was powerful.  It specifically touched those who have disabilities or who have suffered personally or through family members.  Dorsey was sincere, well-organized and well-spoken.  I recommend his ministry at your church.”

Rev. Ken Jasko Senior Pastor – Monmouth Worship Center – Marlboro, NJ

“If you looking for a powerful testimony, full of hope and assurance from a man who was told he would not be able to and proved that through God’s help all things are possible? Then Evangelist Dorsey Ross is your guy! His testimony was heart felt, authentic, and inspirational.”

Rev. John Hutchinson, Senior Pastor – Emmanuel Community Church – Canfield OH

“Your Testimony is truly one of overcoming. You were an inspiration to the congregation and no doubt, everyone left with a sense of being strengthened in their faith”.

Rev. Russell Hodgins, Senior Pastor – Fountain of Life Center – Burlington, NJ 

“Rev. Dorsey’s ministry effectively inspired hope in the hearts of people dealing with variety of difficulties from strained relationships to financial hardships. His perspective of God’s Divine call for all people left many encouraged making his message truly trans-generational.”

Rev. Jonathan Papa, Senior Pastor Life Source Church – Caldwell NJ

“Personally I was very much drawn to just how “real” Dorsey is. Nothing phony… no whining or complaining… no excuses no drama… no “I’m a victim” … Just real down to earth honesty.  You cannot be around Dorsey but just a few moments and you realize that none of us have any excuses.  Dorsey has set the bar very high.  I hope one day that I might be able to be more like him”.   

Rev. KC Richey, Senior Pastor – Calvary Assembly of God – Brownstown, MI

“Evangelist Dorsey Ross recently shared his testimony at our church, and many people of all ages were touched by his words of encouragement and. I would highly recommend him as a guest speaker.”

Rev. Pamela Bolton, Senior Pastor Faith Chapel Assembly of God – Whitehall, NY

House on the Rock Church had the honor of hearing the amazing testimony of Dorsey Ross. We were touched by his God-given ability to overcome some of life’s most difficult challenges. He had our congregation laughing and crying, but most importantly he left us with an understanding that God has a plan and purpose for each and every life. I highly recommend inviting him out to your church!
Rev. Garry Patrylo Senior Pastor – House On The Rock Church – Rockaway Beach NY