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Cheating is not a sports issue, it’s a Moral Issue,

Do we have a double standard when it comes to the cheating, to breaking the law, to doing something illegal?  We have kids in high school or school in general, and they get caught cheating on a test, and the punishment probably goes from failing the student on that test to failing the class.  If it was a college test, and the school had higher standards when it comes to a test.  The adult at this point may even be expelled, and his life more than likely ruined because that would be on his record.  We have high school, and college athletes that look up to professional athletes, and say I want to be like Tom Brady, (and just to reassure all the pats fan this is not going to a total bash on poor Tom) I want to be like Peyton Manning, I want to be like Alex Rodriguez, I want to be like _________ fill in the blank here.

We have professional sports athletes in every sport, that cheat, it’s unfortunate but true, it’s just that not all of them get caught.  They cheat, because they want to be better than the next guy, they want to get to the top of the best list in their sport.  They want to be better than the Babe Ruth’s or the Joe DiMaggio’s or the Joe Namath’s, Joe Montana’s etc.  Yes you can say that cheating, by any standard, steroid’s, deflating a football to get a better grip, putting vaseline on a baseball, has been around since the stone age, and again you might be right.  Though what type of standard are these athlete’s setting for those that want to be like them?

We put these athletes on a high standard, thinking that they are going to play fair, and by the rules, and unfortunately some of them don’t.  Though on the flip side of that, I am hoping that most of them do play by the rules, and they do play fair.  We have Derek Jeter, yes I hate the Yankees, but I have to admit he is a stand up guy, same thing with other players.

Though the answer is why do they cheat, why does anyone cheat, athletes do have the ability to win on their own merit, and their own ability, but yet they cheat anyway.  It’s a moral issue, they think that cheating isn’t going to hurt anyone else.  It’s just not the ones that cheat using a deflated football, or doing something illegal off the field, beating a wife, cheating on a wife, using illegal drugs etc.

Unfortunately it goes back to the beginning of time in Genesis, and unfortunately it was the woman’s fault for taking the apple.  Though in reality, it’s our fault every day of our lives, because we need to stand up, for our actions, and stand up for morality.  Yes people will discuss was it right or wrong, for this to happen, or for that to happen, whats the right punishment, it’s not a punishment that’s the issue it’s a heart issue, it’s a morality issue, to where we can lie, and cheat in a game of football, baseball, basketball, hockey, in life, and call it okay.


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