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Just Breathe

You ever feel like you’re just having one of those crazy days, or maybe even months, where you’re just constantly going, and you’re never stopping. You’re always got meetings, have to get children up to school, going out to get the things for the house. Having to get the house cleaned, having to do the work for the job that you forgot to do while you were at work, or maybe you work one of those 40 plus hour jobs, and you are constantly going. You never have time just to slow down, and breathe, take that time of rest for yourself, and for your family and friends. Sometimes when we are so busy, we lose the focus of what we are here to do on this earth, we forget what we are called by God to do. Even as an evangelist, I can sometimes lose that focus because I am so busy, that I forget to take the time out for God, just to set back and relax, take the time to breathe. We need to be like alright God, I am here, I am going to take a few minutes, and breathe. We take the time to wait on you to speak to me. Mary and Martha in the Bible where in a similar situation, Jesus had come over to visit their house, and Martha was in the kitchen, preparing the meal for Jesus, and all Mary was doing was just sitting at the feet of Jesus, just relaxing listening to what He was saying. When was the last time, we just took the time out of our day, to hear the voice of Jesus, listen to what He wanted to tell us to do, or not to do? There are so many things that we do in our lives, and we seem so overwhelmed in what we are doing. Is it possible that some things we are doing aren’t what God wants us to do? When we get rid of the things that God doesn’t want us to do, we will have more time to breathe, and we will have more time for him, and more time for ourselves, and our family.

As I was driving home, on my weekend trip last week, I couldn’t use my E-ZPass for the toll both for some reason, and I had to take the ticket for the tool booth. Well as I took it, it must’ve fallen out of my hand, because the next moment. I couldn’t find it. So I started to panic, not knowing what I was going to do, or how to handle it. I was thinking to myself, that I was going to have to pay the full toll, or that they may even take the E-ZPass tag away like they threatened to do the day before. Well as I was panicking, I heard the Holy Spirit Speak to me, and say Breathe, and the next moment, I turn on the radio show, and the same song Breathe was on. The Lyrics to that song goes, Breathe just Breathe, so I did, and I stopped at the next rest area, and finally found what I was looking for all along. So the next time, you are panicked, or you are worried, or you think that something or something is going wrong, just Breathe, and know that God is there with you. He is right next to you, in every situation, that you face in your life.

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