Dream Giver

Seven months ago after years of people telling me to do it, and finally sitting down and doing it a dream of mine became a reality. My life story was not only being lived out through me it was now being read, by others. I didn’t do it to stroke my ego, but to encourage and inspire those who needed it. It wasn’t an easy road to get it to print. It took years,  it took me time to sit down and trying to remember the details of my life especially when i was younger or asking my dad what exactly happened during this time. He is the one that told me about my parent’s life before I was born because obviously I wasn’t there. I am extremely happy about how it turned out and how it is impacting the lives of those that have read it.  If it wasn’t for people telling me that I needed to write my story, I probably would never have done it.  It may never have become what it is today, a 110 short autobiography being sold in Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Ibooks.  It’s not on the best seller list as of yet, it’s not a New York Times Best seller, but who knows how or who God will use to touch those that read it.  Do you have people telling you that you need to do something, and your like your crazy, I would never do that.  I felt like that at times before writing this book, I can’t write, I am not that good in english, I won’t ever finish the book.  Though I kept on pushing, moving forward, and I finally sat down, and decided I am not going to let anything stop me from finishing this book.  What is it in your life that is stopping you from fulfilling the dreams that God has for you, or that you want to see fulfilled in your life.  Have you started to see that dream fulfilled like myself with both the book, and the ministry.   Do you feel that it is small, it’s not exactly what you thought it would be?  Remember Zechariah four, Do not despise the day of small beginnings, my wording.  Do not give up on the dreams that you want to see reached, or if you think that their to big, remember that you have a bigger God.  If you had a dream, and it has died out, pray about what God would want you to do, does God want to see that dream fulfilled.  God’s the one that gives us the dreams for our lives, don’t let a dream that God gave you, die out.  When it’s his dream He will never allow it to die out, He wants to see it fulfilled in your life.


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    Robert Martin says:

    Enjoyed your sermon at Vineyard Haven MA. You are an inspiration for all. May God continue to bless you and continue to bring your message around the world.

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