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Waiting For The One

I love the band casting crowns, and I love Mark Halls, testimony of what He has been through, and went through in life.  I have heard Mark say that God doesn’t need me he wants me. It may not be the same context or argument, but I feel that God wants us to get married, He doesn’t want us to be alone, Genesis 2:18 says Then the LORD God said, “It is not good for the man to be alone. I will make a helper who is just right for him.” I pray that if God wills it that at some point, that I will get married to the woman that God has for me.  I just have to remember that it’s all in his timing.  Does God need me to get married in order for him to use me, or to do great things in my life, no, but He also says that no person should be alone.  I also believe that He wants me to get married to the woman that is right and suitable for me.  I have a saying when I speak to get people to laugh, since my testimony is so serious, that I have talked to people about being married, and having a girlfriend, and than after talking to them, I think to myself maybe it’s better to stay single.  Most people break out laughing, but it’s true, marriage is not for the faint of heart.  From people that I have talked to, I know it’s not an easy thing to do or to step into, though I am glad I got my friends who are single along with me, and that they are all in the same boat with me, waiting for the man/woman of God that He has for us.  A lot of people say I am going to pray for the ONE that God has for me, well maybe we should pray to the One, and He will send us the number two that He has for us.  Another words, we need to keep our eyes on number ONE, and He will send us the the number two that He has for us.  Even for you ladies out their, when you are waiting, and looking, for the man that God has for you, don’t give up hope, and pic the first guy that comes along, wait, and if you have to wait some more than wait. We may never have the perfect marriage, no one ever does, but I do believe that God does want us to find that special someone. We just need to be patient at some point, their are always times in our lives when we need to be patient and wait, when we are cooking, we need to wait until it’s properly cooked, before we can have it. It’s the same thing when we are waiting for that someone, we have to wait until we are mature enough, and ready enough to get married.  We also have to look at the inside appearance and not just the outside, should we be attracted to the person we are going to get married to, absolutely.  Here’s the deal, I would rather have a 1954 Jalopy with a nice engine, (heart) than a 2018, Mercedes, with a rusted engine.  Remember God looks at the heart, Not at the outside appearance.

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