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Living the Disability Life

Growing up as someone with a disability, we are sometimes looked down upon because people do not always think about all the things that we can do, only the things that we can’t do.  Although it is true that we are sometimes limited, in our abilities. Growing up we are told that we can do whatever we put our minds to, and because of that we can do whatever it is that we want. That is sometimes difficult, because when we are looking for what we want to do, with that desire and job.  The plan or purpose for our lives, we are turned down because people who don’t have disabilities are limited to what they see, and what they think we can do. We are sometimes told that we are not smart enough, we can’t do this or that because of our limitations, so how are we supposed to do what we want to do when being told by others that we can’t. Some of you that read this may not believe in God, may not believe in him because of what you have gone through, and because of what you have had to deal with in your life. Regardless of believing in God, or not, we will always have limitations, and we will always have difficulties that we will face. In Philippians 4:13 Paul writes I can do all things through Him who strengthens me. Another words regardless of the limitations that we have, the difficulties that we face in this life, when we have that faith in God, He will give us the strength to do what it is that we want to do.  If you would’ve asked me 20 years ago, do you see yourself as an evangelist, traveling around giving your testimony, I would’ve told you your crazy or out of your mind.  I looked at myself as someone that wasn’t a great speaker, that has a speech impediment, that people wouldn’t want to hear my story.  Though obviously that wasn’t true, why Because God has a plan and a purpose for myself, and he has one for you.  In the end regardless of what we go through, He loves us. We know from his word, and what we face that life in general is not always easy. That’s why we must keep our focus on God, and not take it off of what it is that He has for us. If we do we will get distracted, by those people that tell us we are useless and worthless, and will not fulfill the plans that we have set up for our own lives. Know this that whatever you feel or believe or don’t believe about God, He loves you, and He has made you however you are for a plan and a purpose in your life, and with mustard seed faith, when you believe in Him, He will show you what He has for you in your life, as He has in mine.

Jeremiah 29:11 I know what I am doing I have it all planned out, plans to prosper you, and not to Harm you to give you a Hope and a Future.


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