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Dead Dreams Back to Life.

I want to start off with this question.  Do you have dreams in your life, that God has giving you that have died off?  If this is the case, the other question is why have those dreams died off?  I’m not going to post the whole story here, but when you read in Ezekiel 37:1-14, God gives Ezekiel a vision of Dry bones.  The dry bones is, what is happening to Israel at that time, and Israel was dying off and about to die.  Though God asks Ezekiel can these bones live, and Ezekiel responds back, O God only you know.  Because Ezekiel knew that it was only God that would be able to bring these dry bones back to life.  God responds to Ezekiel to have Ezekiel prophesy over these dry bones to come back to life.  At this point, the nation of Israel was hopeless, though it started to get some hope, when the bones started to come back to life.  When the skin, and flesh started to come back on to the bones.  Though the life of Israel, and the life of the dead dreams that God has for you, needs one more thing.  In order to live, we need to have breath in our lungs, and we need to breathe.  And from the four corners the breath starts to come and fill the lungs, of the dreams, that you have.  The nation of Israel and the army started to come back to life.  When you have dreams that have died off, and God still wants you to have those dreams, and breathes life into those dreams.  They will come back to life, you will start to see those dreams come to fruition.

What dreams do you have, that you would like to see come back to life, are they dreams of getting married, getting a new job, starting a new ministry.  We know that all of these are possible, because with God all things are possible.  We know that this is possible, when we have faith in God.  Faith is not just a matter of believing he exists faith is a choice it involves a trust and surrender and a commitment to his word.  Where do you see dry bones in your life?  Where do you need God to tell you to prophesy to that situation that it may come back to life?  We need to realize that when it comes to God regardless of the situation that we are facing today, their is hope, If God can speak life back into the bones in the valley.  Don’t you think that He would do the same in your life.  When our dreams are dead, know this that we have hope in Christ that with his help, we can Prophesy those dead dreams back to life.  What dreams would you like to see brought back to life.  Become an Ezekiel today, lets see those dead bones come back to life.

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