There is a TV show in England, called Undateable.  From what I understand the concept of the show is that they pair up people with disabilities with those that don’t have disabilities.  I’m not sure how they pair them up, or what happens after the date.  Though the problem I have with this show is them using the term undateable.  Because I have known a lot of people who have some disabilities, whether physical or otherwise go on dates.  I know in today’s day, and age, that there are people in this world who bully and make fun of other people, which most people would agree with is cruel, and bullying should be objected to, and people need to stand up to bullies.  I have gone out with several female friends, and although I have not considered them a date, I have not had anyone look down on us, because she was with me.  I think people, in general, should all be treated equally, though unfortunately because of the evil that is in this world, that will not happen until Jesus comes back, and brings peace to this world.  As much as I would like to find a girlfriend, and as frustrating as I get as not being able to find a girlfriend as of yet, I would not consider myself undateable.  I may not be perfect, and I may not have the six pack, that guys have, I may not be the six-foot good looking, handsome guy.  I may not be the Ryan Gosling, that girls are looking for in a man.  Though I am a man of God, and I am looking to and striving to become more of the man of God that He wants me to be.  The point in me writing this short blog is to tell others that we need to be kind to others, be kind to those that are different than us, not to always want to date people who are not disabled, but maybe look at those who are a little different.  Because you never know what you will learn from those who are different.  Let’s be able to learn to love and treat each other with respect, and the dignity that we all want to have.


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    Cory says:

    God has the perfect person for you, she is out there, you will find her my friend !!! His timing is perefct

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