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Tom Gardners Story

Here is his my friend Tom Gardner, and his story enjoy.
“Hi there, my name is Tom Gardner, and I live in Plymouth, UK. I like Dorsey Ross was also born with Apert Syndrome. I have known Dorsey for a while now and had the pleasure of meeting him in New York during May 2017. It was fantastic to meet the man in person finally and to share our experiences and stories of what we have gone through during our lives. ¬†Here in my hometown of Plymouth, I have a passion for the countryside and spend all my free time hiking, horseback riding, swimming, and taking photographs of nature. I am currently self-employed and run my own Gardening business. I thoroughly enjoy my job, and love being out in all weathers, including the rain (typical British weather).
However, despite living and working here in the UK, I have an ultimate dream of moving to America.
I ideally would love to move to Oregon, as I love hiking, and also climbing from time to time. I hope that within ten years time I can fulfill this dream and start my own gardening business stateside. I feel that I would love to make this move simply because I have worked, and lived in the States before, and as a Christian feel that living in a State like Oregon would be a place I could call home. During this time, I would also like to meet someone hopefully and even start a family of my own. This is my secret penultimate dream, which I hope that one day will come true. I think about this quite a lot, and work hard so that I will be able to support my future family, and of course to be a fab Husband and Father.

I am writing my autobiography to tell my story, and what I have been through to get to where I am today, and to where I want to get to in life. I guess one might say I was inspired by reading Dorsey’s book “Overcomer,” which is a fantastic book, and one that I have read many times.
At the moment, I am on a mission to inspire others out there, who are also born with a disability to show that no matter what they too can achieve their dreams or goals. I am doing this simply by having Facebook chats with people born with a range of disabilities and joining various groups on Facebook that relate to this matter. I have a motto I like to believe in, which is “Wish It, Dream It, Be It.” I believe this motto fits well because if you, like me can believe in yourself, then you too can work on setting a path to achieve your dreams. I feel its vital to stick to your path in life and always to ignore any negative comments or experiences you may come across, because at the end of the day it’s your life, and nothing or nobody has the right to take away your dreams. May God bless you all..”

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